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Welcome to the Games Workshop hobby! the heart of this hobby is collecting the best fantasy and futuristic miniatures in the world. Some collectors want a wide variety of models to build – paint and display, whilst others collect a mighty themed army of warriors to defeat their friends in table-top battles. From legendary heroes and monstrous creatures to hostile aliens and devastating tanks, the Games Workshop hobby offers unparalleled variety and there is always something new to add to your collection.

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There are two magazines Games Workshop release one on a weekly basis called White Dwarf about the latest releases, how to paint the latest models. Sprues and glue a section on assembling models the ‘do and donts’ to help build you assemble them correctly.  Readers model of the week can give you inspiration on your models making and painting.

The other a monthly magazine Warhammer Visions. A photographic showcase of the best citadel miniatures in the world, ranging from the very latest releases to conversions in kit bash. Also photo’s of players Armies in Army of the month section.

magz2014 Getting started.

There are many ways you can begin your journey and explore the excitement of the Games Workshop, with plenty of help at your local games shop. come down to a game night and see what its about, most towns will have gaming clubs. its usually best to get a small kit to try it out, or go for a starter set as you will usually get two armies – rule book – getting started missions book also dice and ruler’s. It might be worth thinking about whether you like Warhammer fantasy – regimental armies – sorcerers – creatures – axes and swords or a futuristic war torn universe of Warhammer 40k with aliens creatures and crazed chaos troops.

  Games Workshop Stockist.

We stock a good range of models – books – full paints range and accessories. if we do not stock it we will endeavor to get hold of the item for you. Orders are put through every Monday so get your order in before hand. Usually arrives Wednesday to Thursday. available for immediate collection unless there is a specific release date.(Usually the following Saturday morning.)