War Games





Stockists of Games Workshop, Mantic & Warlord games and many. Why not come down and find out about the  games we play. If you interested in any board games or want to come down give us a buzz. We play Age of Sigmar Warhammer / Warhammer 40k -Mars Attacks- Starwars X-wing – Bolt Action – Fire Storm Armada – The Walking dead game – Deadzone – Kings of war – D&D – Magic the Gathering etc etc… or any other game and you want to find other people to play, drop us a message and we will see what we can sort.

Food and drinks also available at reception.

(Do not bring in food or drink that is not purchased from Laser Labyrinth!)

Here are several You tube Videos on games we have played.

Star wars X-wing Tutorial by Fantasy Flight Games.

Android Netrunner Tutorial by Fantasy Flight Games.

Mars Attacks Early pre release Demo of the game.

Dreadball How to play Dreadball the futuristic Football game.

Bolt Action Demo game on 28mm scale World war II game.

Magic The Gathering tutorials

Warhammer 40k Games Workshops Futuristic game dark vengeance starter set.


Please message our centre if there is any bad links!