What’s On

Kids Club

Kids Club is on Saturday, Sunday and School Holidays. Starts at 10:00 am finishes at 12:00 pm

For just £8.00 per child. 6 years and must be over 1.1 metre tall) and up, Parents can join in for the same price! Each game is 10 - 20 Minutes long, with a break between games.

Due to high demand, Kids Club is a Pre-Book event. Please contact us for booking or for more details.

Cafe is open for refreshments.  Please do not bring your own food and drink in as we have a great selection of reasonably priced items in our cafe.

League nights

September 2017 is start of a new Season and we are looking for player aged 12 and up to join our teams. preferably people who have played at our site before or other sites around the uk on a regular basis. A commitment to playing regular would be great where possible (Work-holidays-family) will always get in the way but try and come when possible please, makes picking teams easier. From time to time we do have a bit of a competition with other laser tag sites and League players are encoraged to join in as its a great experience playing other people who enjoy laser tag at different centres. 

 Sunday is League night.  Starting at 18:00 to 20:00 (could run over) for £8.00 Per Player. Minimum age 12 . If you fancy some team work and dont mind Advanced Rules set by Zone Worlds Championship regulations and play some of the Tournament games we have setup and you also don't have to be a good laser tag player to join!


Its all in the name of fun!

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is on every Saturday Night. Starts at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Please Phone to find Availability.

  • Members £8.00 per person
  • Non-Members £10.00 Per Person

Great value works out at £2.50 per game for non- Members. Two Hours of laser tag with some of the best available games in laser tag. Here is just three quick descriptions.

  1. 'Friend or foe' Can you remember who is in your team. if not you loose points for tagging your own team!
  2. 'Midnight Madness' Your pack lights are turned off in a free for all game. ( A very sneaky game )
  3. 'Zone Collector' collect your points by tagging players if you get 500 points or more you can Bank them at your base. But get over 1500 points and bank them, anything over that you will loose them points. 'Tip' Bank points before game ends!

Bring friends, family and work-mates! It will set your pulse racing, sharpen your senses and will give you an unforgettable mix of excitement and fun!