Laser Tag

Laser Tag Arena

We host Laser Tag games seven Days a week for Children aged 6 & 1.1 Metre to Adults!

Travel from the mountains of distant planets, to the cities of alien worlds and the ancient lands of the Egyptians!

Battle intense matches with Multiple teams! or Brave it in a Free – For – All for that ultimate high score.

Zone’s NEXUS PRO laser tag has forty game formats with a large number of selectable exciting game modes to make sure that you are always on your guard! From frantic solo-tag matches to the skillful Base Flags – Ka-Boom – Midnight Madness games. We have also had Multi use Targets (Hit points,reveal,power up’s) also – mines & energizers fitted around the arena.


Game Types


Arena targets have several settings
– Hit points
– Power Ups
– Reveal
– Domination
Plus other settings depending on what type of game we are playing. Before each game we will brief you on how to play and anything special you should know.

      • Team Tag Match

A fast paced game of laser tag. Tag your opponents before they tag you, work as a team to maximise your points and be the ultimate laser tag squad!

At the end of the game, the team with the highest combined score wins!

      • Infusion

Same rules as the team tag match, but now special power-ups are randomly given to players or you can tag the targets around the arena to gain power ups! How will you deal with an invincible opponent or your Gran with rapid fire? How many players can you sneak up on when the lights on your pack go out?

At the end of the game, the team with the highest combined score wins!

      • Solo Tag Match

On your own in a strange alien world, tag everything that moves in this frantic, fun game mode. Hide in the shadows or stand boldly on the central hill, every tag counts! Prove you are the ultimate laser tag warrior!

Be ranked on your skills alone, no one can hold you back!

      • Escape!

Trapped on an alien planet, your only hope is to escape! 2 teams face off, one in a desperate struggle to escape, the others fighting back the advance. As the escaping team your goal is to get out of the arena before you are tagged 10 times, the defending team must tag out as many players as possible before this can happen!

At the end of the game the teams will switch sides, the team with the most successful escapes wins!

      • Zone Collector

Score minimum of 500 points then tag your teams base to Bank those points. Go over 1500 before tagging your teams base and you looses any points that’s over the limit. ( Dont forget to bank your points before the game ends!)

At the end of the game, the team with the highest combined score on the score board wins!



Throughout certain game modes, Special power-ups can be randomly awarded to players or by tagging the targets around the arena. If you get one you will alerted by the announcement on your pack and the screen on your phasor displaying which power-up you have!

      • Hyper Mode

Speed is doubled! Tag as fast as you can pull the trigger!

      • Invisibility

All the lights on your pack switch off! Disappear into the shadows and pick off your enemies unseen!

      • Multiplier

Every target you hit doubles the score i.e. 50 points become 100 points etc!

      • Shields

You get 5 shields. Every time you get tagged the lights on your pack dim till all your shields are used up.

      • Invincibility

Tag your enemies with no chance of being tagged back! No need to hide, no need for cover, for a brief window you will become an unstoppable force!

      • Team Destroyer

For a limited time, one shot tags the entire team! Remove any team at will with this powerful ability, just make sure to use it while you can!