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 We all play laser tag too and love it!

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Nottinghamshire’s Premier Laser Tag Arena.

Zone’s NEXUS Pro laser tag system.

Massive games list, about 72 so far!

We have intense games for Regular players to basic Team and Solo game’s for the new players.

If you enjoy playing Laser Tag in our arena you might like to join our Zone members.

Log in at http://www.myzonelaser.com


  • Receive discounts on regular games at Laser Labyrinth.
  • Be able to Log onto your Laser tag pack easily with your members card.
  • Your chosen name will be displayed on your phaser and the score board.
  • Members only Nights and play some of the more advanced games.
  • Level up by earning experience points (XP) as you play.
  • Get Achievements depending on what games you play.
  • View your game play anytime on-line or on the members terminal at Laser Labyrinth.


>>Minimum age 7 <<

‘News Flash’

As from 10/9/2015

Normally you have to be Seven or above to play Laser tag

but for a Trial period we are allowing children that are

Six years old and over 1.1 Metre to play Nexus Pro Laser Tag.

‘WOW’ Pew Pew Pew…

We also have Tabletop gaming with

Worksop Tabletop Games

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We also stock Board & card game’s like:

DreadballAndroid Netrunner Mars Attacks – Dungeon Saga

Star Wars X-Wing – Dungeons & Dragons 

Bolt action (World war II Historic battles) – Zombicide 

Star Wars Age of rebellion RPG – Star Wars Imperial Assault – Star Wars Armada – Catan  

And not to forget – Friday night Magic ‘FNM’. The Magic the Gathering card collecting game from Wizards of the coast.

Logo-with-ColorsFNM every Friday 6pm to 10pm.

join our Magic group on facebook


Gaming Night on Tuesdays open from 12:00 noon to 22:00

Check out our facebook page for latest whats on and offers!


pic02Games Workshop Warhammer 40k game play.