Happy Holidays

Open Sat 23rd and Sunday 24th kidsclub at 10am to 12pm open for public games 12pm to 6pm
Closed 25 / 26th Dec
Open 27th onwards Kidsclub every day of the School Holidays Booking advised. open for public games from 12pm close at 6pm
make use of our lower prices during the week (Monday’s to Friday’s)!
Closed 1st January New years Day open Tuesday 2nd and every day during the holidays

Phone us on 01909 531100 or Facebook message us ūüėČ

Friday night Magic on as usual 6pm to 10pm £5 entry per person Friday 22/29/5th Jan (No hot food on 29th at FNM Рsnacks and drinks will be available.)
Thusday 28th Tabletop games night 5.30-6pm start till 9pm.
usual game rates apply come try something new out.

New Prices From Friday 16th October..

New Pricing From October 16th Friday..

  • Weekends Fri ‚ÄďSun. 12pm to 7pm

                                 Standard           Members

1 РGame                    £4.75 pp           £4.00 pp

2 РGames                  £8.00 pp          £7.00 pp

3 РGames                  £10.00 pp        £9.00 pp

Mon-Thurs. Everyday from 12pm – 7pm

1 РGame                    £4.50 pp            £4.00 pp

2 РGames                  £6.00 pp           £5.00 pp

3 РGames                  £8.00 pp           £7.00 pp

Extra games after are ¬£2.00 pp ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† – – – – –

Concession prices available..

  • Members cards are going up from ¬£5 to ¬£10 each (You do not need one to be able t...

Warhammer The Age of Sigmar


We have been busy Painting our Demo Set for the Release Day Saturday 11th of July from 10am.

Miniatures are looking Awesome loads of detail. Simple Rules that do work well.

Plenty of stock of the new Box set. Buy it on Saturday and get 20% off rrp.

Rules for Age of Sigmar are available Here: AoS_RulesSheet

The New Realm of Warhammer The Age of Sigmar.

Games Workshop is releasing a New Warhammer ‘The Age of Sigmar’. Simple rules (4 pages). We will be having a Gaming day on the 11th July to celebrate this release. plenty of stock of the new Warhammer box set. Free age of Sigmar merchandise on the day so come down and have a look at this exciting new game system..



Magic the Gathering. World’s best card game.

We are now stock ‘Magic’ The Gathering card game. Khans of Tarkir Booster’s / Magic 2015 Intro Deck’s / Dragons of Tarkir Boosters & Intro Deck’s. You can Register on Wizard’s of the coast web site for your DCI Number to be able to play in tournaments – Pre-release nights etc. Fun to play. feel free to come down and try it first.EN_MTGDTK_FacebookHeader