Zone NEXUS PRO is here

We have Zones Nexus Pro laser tag gear installed up and running. ‘WOW’ is all i can say great fun.

Arena Targets new to Labyrinth can be used for points – power-ups – base defense plus loads more options. Situated in appropriate places in the arena.

Play games like Raindow solo – Capture the flag – Ka-BooM – Midnight madness – Zone collector – Domination.

plus many other fantastic games. All depends on your ability to be able to play them.

‘New’ Members terminal for your games score / experience points / achievements.

See how your score compares in the world ranking and of cause bragging rights for top scores e.t.c. Across the whole of the Zone laser tag world.

We are also 1st to have the new Challenge Zone arcade game. (Very popular)